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Objective Team Facilitation Services from Tony White

One of my most critical offerings for teams in transition are my team facilitation services. I will quickly and accurately assess your facilitation and/or senior management coaching needs and then create and lead a customized, practical session that will motivate any leader or team towards higher levels of collaboration and focus.

Do you require someone from outside your organization to:

  • Facilitate a strategic planning or problem solving discussion?
  • Facilitate a corporate partnership discussion?
  • Facilitate a new product or innovation launch?
  • Facilitate a leadership transition?
  • Facilitate a team transitioning to a higher level of productivity and or motivation?
  • Facilitate a team's ability to embrace an organizational change?

I can craft and lead a process that will motivate and invigorate your team to reach its goals. I have been asked by both government and private sector organizations to help them reach goals that can only be led by an outside facilitator/coach who is removed from the day-to-day workings of the group.

Some of my contracts have included:

  • Facilitating a day long dialogue between two senior management teams of international companies to arrive at new global product offerings.
  • Coach a newly formed HR Team to determine realistic first year strategic goals.
  • Facilitating a day-long session between two government bodies attempting to partner on a province-wide education system.
  • Coach a new senior management team through the challenges encountered in their "forming" stage.
  • Facilitating a series of ten meetings between municipal planners in regard to downloading of government services.
  • Coaching a newly formed team through a major change of services model.
  • Facilitating a problem-solving meeting between two divisions of a major multinational company.
  • Facilitating a meeting to help with the transition of a new vice-president into an existing division.

Whatever your team facilitation or coaching needs are, I can create a process and agenda to help meet them. Discover a better way to move forward with crucial transitions by scheduling with me today.