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My Handbook for Team Leaders

One key principle of leadership is that your own skills are at their best use when you teach them to others. In this regard, I wanted to teach by example. To that end, "Make It Happen - A Practical Handbook for Team Leaders, Project Managers and Facilitators to Build, Facilitate and Repair High Performance Teams" by me, Tony White, is available both in paperback and a variety of E-Book formats!

What You Can Expect from "Make It Happen"

  • A straightforward process to help you build, or rebuild your team after a merger, acquisition, reorganization or downsizing process.
  • An easy-to-implement template to help the Team Leader or Project Manager who has just been promoted to leading a high-performance team.
  • Numerous simple, yet highly effective tips and techniques to help you facilitate highly participative, input-driven team meetings and discussions resulting in higher levels of team motivation.
  • A detailed set of coaching activities that can be implemented by you when faced with a demotivated and/or underachieving team.
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What Makes This Book Unique?

  • It outlines the skills and strategies in a format that is practical, easy to read and user-friendly.
  • It is sequenced in a way that mirrors how a Team Leader should lead a team in the real world- build it, facilitate it, and troubleshoot it.
  • It contains simple, but powerful visuals to augment the text.
  • It can be read in its entirety or by specific chapter depending on your specific needs.

Reviews of "Make It Happen"

Dr. Peter Lansley, Retired Professor of Construction Management, University of Reading, United Kingdom
"It is clear and concise and doesn't beat around the bush. It is a "mine of good sense" and full of hints and tips for Team Leaders (but not so many as to create confusion), which is what most Team Leaders need, and offers straightforward models which can be assimilated and applied".

Jack Asgar, PhD, Retired President & CEO, Practical Management Incorporated, USA
"There are many books and articles written in North America about team building, facilitating and high performance. Every book on these subjects, until Tony White's, has been written by those who rarely have worked their ideas in the real world. What Tony writes comes as a result of his experience and has a sense of practicality. It is a book that the reader can implement easily and reap the benefits in a short time."

Rob Henderson, President, High Impact Training & Development Inc., CANADA
"As a trainer and a leader I am always looking for resource books to recommend onto my clients/team members that provide practical and straightforward tips and techniques. Tony has captured these qualities in his book. It's a must read for any Team Leader who wants to boost productivity or increase levels of motivation within their team".

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