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Tony White Testimonials

Director, Human Resources & Global Talent Management, Magna Closures Inc.

"Over the past 15 years, we have had Tony conduct various training sessions with our team, including both Supervisory/Lead hand training and Management Training. The sessions are not only well thought out and customized to our needs and time constraints, but were also very well received by the participants. Tony's has a very practical and down to earth style that puts participants at ease which enriches their learning experience. In all our experiences Tony has been dependable and has always delivered a quality product, on-time and within the agreed upon budget."

Retired Senior Manager, Special Projects (Academic), Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM)

"I have known Tony for about 20 years, first as a curriculum developer, as he assisted the OFMEM to develop curricula to support Occupational Performance Standards for the Ontario Fire Service, and later as a professional trainer, whom I (and others in my office) contracted on numerous occasions to provide courses to our corporate staff on leadership, team building, project management and others. Tony is a very professional trainer and developer of curricula (both for classroom-based and online learning.) Tony has a very good understanding of educational process, which underpins all of his work. At the same time, he is flexible and insightful, and will often take education initiative a step further than they were conceived of originally, thereby strengthening their value and contribution."

President, Algonquin College Kuwait

"I have known Tony White, both personally and professionally, for almost thirty years. During that time, I have worked with Tony as a supervisor, a management colleague, a teaching/training teammate, a co-developer of training materials, and as a customer for his training and consulting services. When I need someone to design and/or deliver leadership training, Tony is the first person I think of. I trust him more than anyone else I can think of - including myself - when it comes to delivering training that is second- to- none, regardless of the audience. Over the time that I have known him, Tony has consistently proven himself to be a dedicated, innovative and extremely well-received course designer and facilitator. For example, when I was working in Kuwait, I hired Tony to teach "Managing Meetings" to one of our most demanding corporate clients. Their post-training response to me was that, based on participant and course auditors responses, Tony was the most highly rated instructor they had ever hired."

Manager, Field Sales Training, Reckitt Benckiser North America

"I first meet Tony when I was at Reliant Pharmaceuticals as an assistant training manager where I attended his course on public speaking/meeting facilitation which he had been doing for the company since 2001. In my seven years with Reliant, we used his training programs for all our managers, specialty sales teams, and sales training managers. He also came in and gave personal training for our Vice President's right before every national sales meeting.

One of the attributes Tony brings to the table is his extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. He applies specific examples and/or situations to his programs that only people working in the industry would know which makes the training that more impactful and relevant to the audience. This is one of the key differences I have seen compared to other courses I have attended. In addition, he tailors his programs to fit the audience based on the feedback he gets prior to any training he does regardless if he has done it before for you.

After becoming the training manager for the Health Care Sales Team at Reckitt Benckiser North America, I once again partnered with Tony to conduct our meeting facilitation training. This is now required training for all our field managers and sales trainers."

Pharmaceutical Executive, New Jersey, USA

"I wanted to thank you for our time together with you as my coach. Entering into such a corporate relationship, one looks to work with a coach who will truly establish a feeling of trust and look to understand one's overall goal for improvement. Tony, it is clear that you have a gift with just that and your overall approach of being a coach in the corporate environment is to be commended.

With all of our conversations, you listened to me with no filters, agendas, judgments or ego. Tony, simply put, you listened to what perhaps was not being said, and asked intuitive questions to make me reflect and ascertain the best way to reach my overall goal of raising the level of my leadership.

Tony, due to our conversations, I have put together a leadership plan for myself that is much more thought out and "stretches" me so to obtain this goal. It is measurable and I believe is the best option from what we discussed. Again, I want to say thank you for your time and coaching effort with me. The time spent was valuable and has delivered a measureable plan of action that will certainly make me reach my leadership goals...."

Retired HR Executive

"I have known Tony since 1993 when I first hired him a deliver and facilitate supervisory training at Delrina Corporation. The reviews were excellent and this resulted in a long relationship whereby I as Vice President, Human Resources utilized Tony's' services on many occasions at a number of different companies including Novator, Cyberplex and Avotus.

Whether it was executives or front line staff I have found all groups respond positively to Tony's facilitation and delivery style. I always enjoyed reading the evaluation sheets at end of Tony's sessions as I knew they would always be positive.

Tony is quickly able to build rapport with his audience and is very skilled at bringing real workplace situations and challenges into his material which always made for interactive and productive training sessions."

S Jarmulowicz (Higgens)

"It is a joy to work with someone of Tony's caliber and skills. His workshops are productive and informative with practical hands-on exercises to make everything stick.

Tony has an innate ability to bring the best out in people so that they become more confident and effective as speakers and presenters. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Tony on several occasions. His skills training made a positive impact on everyone on my team."

Manager, HR Service Centre, Storagetek

His workshops are practical, informative, participative and fun

Manager, Human Resources, Postlinx Corporation, Ontario, Canada

"I have worked with Tony White for close to ten years now & he consistently delivers a high-energy, practical & participative workshop that meets the needs of my employees and managers"