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Tony White | The Right Keynote Speaker for You

Tailored messaging may be just what your conference or meeting needs to motivate your people to their next level of performance. I offer my assistance as a keynote speaker for ambitious organizations. Allow me to assess your specific needs and build a short and powerful session that will engage and energize your conference or meeting attendees.

All of my traditional workshops can be modified to suit a shorter session. With customized, focused messaging for your team, you can project the right message, at the right time, from the right person.

Tony White

Some of my most popular offerings include:

  • Make It Happen (Based On My Book)
  • Understanding And Embracing Change
  • Soft Skills Are A Hard Reality In Today's Business Climate
  • Building Teams Today - The Realities & Fallacies
  • Real-World Goal-Setting
  • Customer Interests - Identifying, Meeting & Exceeding Them...
  • Positional Negotiation vs. Principled Negotiation - You Choose.......You Lose.....
  • Let's Face It - The Customer Is Not Always Right...But They Are the Customer.........