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A Unique Relationship Building Workshop and More from Tony White

Credibility and influence don’t necessarily come from positions of power. I offer everything from a relationship building workshop to training on presentations to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you have you eye on a specific goal or just want to make your team more influential in general, check out one of the following options:

Communication & Conflict Resolution:

Fine tune your communication and conflict resolution skills to avoid misunderstanding and build stronger bonds with others. Appreciate the different interests that others bring to the table and practice the skills of acknowledgement and active listening.
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Tony White

Influence and Relationship Building Workshop:

Optimize your influence and relationship building though greater understanding of both yours and others personality traits. Learn how to leverage unconscious influence triggers and build your credibility with those that you work with.
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Negotiation Skills:

Uncover both yours and others true interests to discover mutually acceptable, value added business solutions. Move away from traditional positional negotiation strategies and truly understand and practice a win-win approach.
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Powerful Presentation Skills:

Transform your current presentations into engaging, value added events that others will actually look forward to attending. Hook an audience, keep them engaged and call them to action.
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Sales Skills:

Move your clients toward the sale through simple but effective relationship selling tool and techniques. Strategic use of questions, finding multiple wins and working with objections are both learned and practiced.
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Service Skills:

Build a culture of hospitality and service excellence with every value-added conversation you have with your customers or clients. Building value in every customer touch point is both learned and practiced.
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