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Workshops for Team Leaders & Managers from Tony White

No matter your field or mission, the right leadership is essential to taking on organizational challenges. Figuring out how to be the driving force that's called for in today's business climate, however, isn't always easy. My workshops for team leaders and managers offer unique insight and guidance for a wide variety of situations. Choose from any of the following options:

Effectively Leading Hybrid Teams

Practically create (or recreate) an environment of trust, accountability, and collaboration with you teams to maximize both engagement and performance levels. 
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Coaching for Results:

Facilitate meaningful conversations that take your employees to higher levels of productivity and motivation. Learn how to set the appropriate coaching environment, ask thoughtful questions and help build collaborative action plans. 
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Tony White

Communication & Conflict Resolution:

Fine tune your communication and conflict resolution skills to avoid misunderstanding and build stronger bonds with others. Appreciate the different interests that others bring to the table and practice the skills of acknowledgement and active listening.
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Complete Leadership Program:

Sharpen your leadership competencies resulting in engaged and productive teams and sole contributors. Learn how to communicate, deal with conflict and engage others leading to higher levels of performance.
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Effective Meeting Skills:

Change your investment in meetings into interactive and productive opportunities to enhance motivation and teamwork. Learn the techniques that are required before, during and after meetings to making your meetings an event that people look forward to.
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Facilitating High-Performance Teams:

Build, facilitate and repair (where necessary) your teams and transform them into high performance centers of excellence. Core facilitation, group dynamics and team interventions are both discussed and practiced.
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Making Training Pay-Off:

Position training in your organization correctly for maximum results and return on investment. Understand the role of both HR and the line manager and who should be doing what to make your training strategy pay-off.
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Negotiation Skills:

Uncover both yours and others true interests to discover mutually acceptable, value added business solutions. Move away from traditional positional negotiation strategies and truly understand and practice a win-win approach.
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Powerful Presentation Skills:

Transform your current presentations into engaging, value added events that others will actually look forward to attending. Hook an audience, keep them engaged and call them to action.
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Understanding and Preparing for Change:

Lead others through effective change initiatives that keep everyone informed and engaged. Learn how to prepare yourself (and others) to embrace and sustain change.
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The Human Side of Project Management:

Complement your technical project management skills with the influence, input and other "soft" skills required for project success.
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